“I attribute the genius of Chau’s teaching technique for helping to improve my overall movement.  Two years ago I was considering no longer performing longer corneal transplant procedures, but now I can operate for hours without back issues.  Thank you for keeping me in the game!”


– John G., MD


“In 1973, I crushed 3 vertebrae in a parachute jump.  For 40 years, I had undergone yearly periods of back pain and sometimes disability even after surgery.  With my regular practice since 2013 at Pilates South Texas my back pain has diminished and I contribute that to my improved posture.  I look forward to continuing my pilates sessions to support my active lifestyle at the age of 74.”

– Mike H., Senior VP Financial Services


“Before I came to PST, my workout approach fit the ex-football-player stereotype:  lots of weights, lots of grunting.  But I had been persuaded to look for a pilates program that would help with my lower-back pain. Chau, over the past seven years, has progressively changed the way I approached training while ensuring that I worked up a good sweat without getting bored or frustrated.  My lower-back pain is gone – and my strength, mobility, and overall conditioning are leaps and bounds beyond my pre-PST days.  Anyone interested in a sophisticated (and fun) pilates studio should try out Pilates South Texas!”

– Larry T., IP Attorney


“I turned 60 this year. I don’t look it. I don’t feel it. And much of it is thanks to Pilates South Texas.

The technical knowledge and care with which my instructor trains me has had many benefits.  It’s helped me develop core strength to enhance my ability to enjoy horseback riding again.  I’ve developed some glutes and now look great in jeans. By learning about my body and how to move it correctly, I am today stronger, straighter, healthier and more attractive.  More importantly, my bone mass density test has no significant change every year.

It’s the best investment I’ve made for my overall health. Thank you Pilates South Texas! I’m a happy, happy client since 2011.”

– Maria F., CCP, CPT

HeartMath Certified Trainer